In 1994/5 Malvern Hills District Council asked for ideas to help regenerate the centre of Great Malvern. Rose Garrard proposed a "Spring Water Arts Project" for a Malvern water trail of sculptures by different internationally known artists on lost spring water sites throughout Great Malvern.

Rose was subsequently commissioned to become Great Malvern Artist in Residence, based in an empty shop on Belle Vue Terrace. Rose began the project to research the water trail and spring water sites. For two months, local residents came to visit Rose with various memorabilia and to tell her the historys, legends and remembered springs. They marked over 240 remembered springs on two giant maps.  From this Rose was able to identify a possible 14 possible town centre water sites.

Malvhina was the first sculpture to be created, by Rose herself, and is now in place on Belle Vue Terrace.  Unfortunately, after this time, the District Council was reshuffled, no new Arts Councilor was appointed which meant that Malvern was then ineligible for state funding for the Spring Water Arts Project and no further sculptures were commissioned.

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