Malvhina, unveiled in 1998, is a female figure sculpted in stone and bronze located on Belle Vue Island in Great Malvern. The spring delivers water from Happy Valley, Rushey Valley and Ivy Scar Rock. Created by Rose Garrard, Malvhina is based on a triple theme: three springs supply the spout, three roads meet here and the three most important times in Malvern's history - ancient Celtic origins, the coming of Christianity and the growth of the Victorian spa town.

The name "Malvhina" is from a legend of a Gaelic Princess which was originally thought to be connected to the name of Malvern.

To comply with health regulations, water at this spring is passed through UV and carbon filters to ensure it is safe to drink.  Unfortunately, this sometimes results in the filters clogging up and the spring not running until the filters have been changed.

The water is from Happy Valley, Ivy Scar and Rushey Valley. It is all channeled into a 14" cast iron mains pipe that runs as a gravity feed all the way along the A449 to supply the reservoir at British Camp. When Malvhina was created, Seven Trent tapped into this pipe to supply Malvhina.  So it is pure spring water from three different springs. This pipe is also tapped into at Malvern Wells to supply Jubilee Fountain.

It is thought that there were originally springs in the centre of the town. Malvhina is the product of a project by Rose Garrard to rediscover lost springs and then create sculptures to remember them.

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