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Malvern, PA, USA

The borough of Malvern in Pennsylvania, USA is a settlement dating from the 1600s when Welsh immigrants made it their home and named it after the Malvern Hills in the UK. It now has a population of about 3,200 people and is about 25 miles from the city of Philadelphia.  With antiques shops, Victorian façades and even Victorian street lamps, this a possibly the closest you get to a little bit of the original Malvern in the US. Many visit the town to see the site of the Paoli Massacre of 1777.  A popular place to eat is the historic General Warren Inne just on the outskirts of the town, and a great place for a drink with its wide choice of beer is the Flying Pig Saloon.  We know, because Malvern Beacon has been there!

Malvern PA montage

Malvern Hill, VA, USA

Malvern Hill, in Henrico County, Virginia was the site of the Seven Days Battles and the Battle of Malvern Hill (also known as the Battle of Poindexter's Farm).  It is now protected by the US National Park Service.

Malvern, AR, USA

Malvern, in Arkansas, USA is famous for its brick manufacturing and the hot springs that are about 20 or so miles away.  Founded in 1870, it now has a population of about 10,000 people and celebrates the Brickfest each year in June.

Malvern, AL, USA

A small town in Geneva County, Alabama, with a population of just over 1,000.

Malvern, IA, USA

Originally established as Milton in 1869, it was renamed Malvern due to the existence of another Milton in Iowa.  A growing rural community of over 1,000 people with a rail-road now converted to a cycling trail.

Malvern, OH, USA

Malvern Ohio is a village in Carroll County with a population around 1,200 people that was settled in 1806.  It is near the large man-made Lake Mohawk that is a centre piece of a gated community.  Like Malvern in the UK, there are some stories of ghost hauntings in Malvern OH.

Malverne, Long Island, NY, USA

Spelt with a final 'e', the village of Malverne near New York City is named after Malvern in the UK.  It has a fascinating history in an area first settled by the Rockaway Indians, and continues to be a vibrant community near the sandy beach on the south shore of Long Island.

Malvern, Toronto, Canada

Canada's Malvern came about when the Malvern Post Office (named after Malvern, UK) opened in 1856.  It was a flourishing farming community for many years, but is now a suburb of Toronto.  It suffered from being a notorious location of crime and violence, but in more recent years it has witnessed redevelopment and has a population of around 45,000 people.

Malvern, Jamaica

Malvern in Jamaica is a small village that is famous for its high quality schools; namely the Hampton School, Munro College and Bethlehem Moravian College. Located in the parish of St Elizabeth, Malvern was a popular place for wealthy Jamaicans and expatriates to escape the heat and humidity of the lowlands and have a holiday in the hills (Santa Cruz Mountains).  At over 760 m, the cooler refreshing climes have resulted in it being known by the name 'ridge of health', having much in common with Malvern UK therefore.

Malvern, Barbados

On the ~250m plateau behind Hackleton's Cliff on the east side of the island, Malvern is a small settlement in the scenic parish of St Joseph. It is also close to the Flower Forest, a botanical garden on the site of a former sugar plantation.  The Sol Rally Barbados often passes through Malvern, and St Joseph's Parish Church is worth a visit.  It is spelt wrong (Malvem) on Google Maps!

Malvern, near Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

A small 'inner west' suburb of Durban in Queensburgh, linked to the city centre by metro.  This area has become both a residential and industrial hub for Durban with easy access to the city's airport to the south of the city.  Malvern itself is in a valley extending to the west of Durban with hills of over 200m immediately to the north.

Malvern, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

A central, mainly residential, suburb of Johannesburg (the former Region 8) on the M2 metro line, sometimes referred to as Malvern East.

Malvern, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

An outlying suburb of Melbourne with a population of about 10,000 people, Malvern Victoria was first settled in 1835 at around the time Malvern UK was about to be on the map for its wells and water cure.  Malvern Victoria also has some things in common with Malvern UK - respected schools that have some celebrities as alumni, a selection of good restaurants, links to theatre and performing arts; in this case the National Theatre in Melbourne by virtue of the founder Gertrude Johnson living the last days of her life there, and the home of Malvern Star, a celebrated manufacturer of bicycles in Australia - rather like we have Morgan Motorcars in Malvern UK. 

Malvern, Adelaide, South Australia

An inner upmarket suburb of Adelaide, with a population of about 3,000 people.  This area has a number of restaurants and has streets lined with the Jacaranda tree which give a stunning blue bloom around Christmas time (Australia's summer). 

The Malvern Hills, Canterbury, New Zealand

An area of natural beauty in South Island, New Zealand that is currently under threat of a water irrigation scheme being opposed by the Malvern Hills Protection Society.


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